Pedigree Baby vom Metebacher Park

Babys origins lead to Sweden and Poland via Italy, Slovenia and Belgium. So she is a true European. Their ancestors were International and National Champions not only in European countries, but also in Canada and the USA. Here is the abstract of her pedigree.


Janosch vom Apfelwörth
SSV-BS 65657
Taron von Gramont
SSV-BS 59689
Lamar von der Kukesburg
SSV-BS 56055
Rosi von Gramont
SSV-BS 56598
Eywa vom Apfelwörth
SSV-BS 58732
Arne vom Kammergut
SSV-BS 51410
Amy vom Apfelwörth
SSV-BS 51717
Amidala-Leia vom Schieferbachtal
SSV-BS 63338
Forest Gump Carallsa
SSV-BS 58752
Kronblommas Macbeth
S 64790/2010
Disena Eleuteria
PKR II-97428
Zola del Sacro Fiume
SSV-BS 62137
Costantino del Sacro Fiume
LOI 11/143460
Monalisa del Sacro Fiume
LOI 12/48234