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Buffy von den Kosmaer Wiesen

Buffy von den Kosmaer Wiesen (SSV-BS 41873) was born on 8 May 2002. Her parents were mom Emmy vom Bergfelder Land (SSV-BS 32849) and dad Jonny vom Oberholzer Forst (SSV-BS BS 33866).
Because of her back bite, she could not be admitted to breeding. Otherwise she felt like a strong male in the body of a little Bernese girl. Her favorite moth was: "If people wanted me to go into the water, they would have bred me swimming skins". She wasn't afraid of water, but she hated getting wet. In the pack, she was the boss who said where to go.
Buffy died on 10 March 2011 as a result of the scourge of the Bernese, the histiocystatic sarcoma.