Leia vom Schieferbachtal

Leia vom Schieferbachtal hatched on 29 November 2017. Her mum Zola del Sacro Fiume (SSV-BS 62137) is quite big for a Bernese, and so Leia has also become a big one. With her rist height of 63cm she lies at the upper end of the ideal measure for females, but is thus as big as some males. During the breeding fitness test, the Körmeister jokingly spoke of a "Rüdin". With her size and strong bone structure, she is ideally suited for car pulling, an occupation that she pursues with enthusiasm. She is also a real water rat. "And if the waterhole is still so small, it always fits a Leia in!", is therefore also her favorite motto. Her main task, however, is to act as a bodyguard for her little neutered cat Kenny. This was constantly bullied by the cat girls. But now he has found a fighter for justice in Princess Leia.