Inspection report

All dogs to be used for purebred breeding in Germany must take a breeding fitness test, the inspection, in front of three breed survey master.  The breed survey masters assess the external appearance and behaviour of the dog, and recommend breeding when the test is passed. In addition, x-ray examinations and examinations for the determination of the genomic breeding value are carried out at the Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein für Deutschland e. V. (SSV). This procedure ensures that only dogs that also meet the respective breed standard in all parts come into breeding.

1.Typestrong (4)
2.Bone Strengthstrong (4)
3.Pigmentationslightly pigmented (3)
4.Headtypical (4)
5.Head Proportiontypical (3)
10.Flewsclosed (3)
11.Teethtight scissors bite (3)
13.Eye Shapealmond-shaped (3)
14.Eyes colorbrown (4)
15.eyelid closurewell-fitting (3)
16.Earstypical (3)
17.Ear postureslightly backlying (4)
18.Ear Shapetypical (3)
20.Chest overallnearly typical (3)
Deficiencies especially with: chest depth,prosternum
Top Line
19.Necknormal (3)
23.Backslightly up (8)
24.Back Lengthnormal (2)
25.Croupgently rounded/slightly sloping (3)
26.Tail Postureslightly up (3)
28.Tail Lengthnormal (3)
34.Pawsnormal (3)
29.Standing Frontstraight (4)
30.Wristslightly relenting (3)
52.Elbowcorrect (4)
32.Front Legs Anglesufficient distinct (3)
31.Standing Hind Legsslightly toed out (3)
33.Hind Legs Anglesufficient distinct (6)
21.Shouldercorrect (4)
22.Elbow in Motionslightly out (3)
36.Walkcorrect (1)
35.Gait overallsufficient free (3)
Forelegs overall
44.fore-reachsufficient (2)
45.Legs directionstraight-line (2)
Hind Legs overall
47.Rear Drivesufficient (2)
48.Legs directionstraight-line (2)
Coat and Colour
49.Coat overalltypical (3)
39.Rustdark (4)
50.Color overallstandard (3)
49.Behaviour Self-confident and fearless (5)