Baby vom Metebacher Park

Our baby is a daughter of our Leia and Janosch vom Apfelwörth. She was born as one of the stronger girls, but decided in her first week of life to sleep directly at the milk source, and to suck on and on. Stupidly, she didn't suck at the milk bar, but at mom's caesarean section scar. She had spoiled her stomach and lost 200 g within one day. That doesn't sound like much, but if you weigh only 800 g, that's a quarter of the total weight. Thanks to our great veterinarians she could be saved, but needed a few days to recover, and to gain weight again. However, she could not catch up with her siblings and remained the smallest in the litter. That's why she got the name "baby".
At four weeks old, she was the first and for a long time the only one who understood how to influence the strange animals that always walk on their hind legs and take care of the food. Helpful were a legendary dog look paired with an eye jingle that melts stones. Not only had she jingled into human daddy's heart, we were and are also of the opinion that Baby is not a dog for inexperienced owners. How does almost none of her litter siblings know how to manipulate the people around her for their own purposes. It takes a lot of experience in education, otherwise the little one is the boss in the house after puberty and you rub your eyes in surprise and ask yourself: "How could this happen?".