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Baby died

Baby vom Metebacher Park has left the pack

My dear baby,
When you stumbled into this world, she didn't want you.
But the two of us were fighting for your place here. That's what brought us together.
And then you've explored your world. Your boundless wonder and fearlessness in exploring your surroundings have fascinated me every time.
Your wisdom has never ceased to amaze me, and your courage has inspired not only your siblings, but also your mother.
You could put a smile on the faces of the people who were lucky enough to meet you and make them forget their worries for a moment. And all this with just a single look full of love that could end wars.
And yet the world struck back with a vengeance, giving you a battle we couldn't win.
It broke my heart when your eyes begged me to release you. And yet I did. 
You fell asleep peacefully and left the world as quickly as you entered it.
But the traces you left on it will be felt for a long time to come. Thank you for this extraordinary year, my soul mate.